Renovating or building a home, revamping or remodeling your kitchen or bathroom is an exciting time. Yet at the same time, can be stressful, tiresome and prohibiting as this will always be an inconvenience as it causes disruption to your daily life.

It’s lovely to dream, (My philosophy is that Life is Made of Dreams and Memories, Roger Bouton), hence to start making these memories, a quickly and easy/acceptable solution needs to be discussed, as you engage our services to complete your exciting prospect.

Not only can we facilitate the design, but we can also undertake the manufacturing and instillation of your new pub/bar, kitchen or bedroom cupboards. What we do is specialise in any project of your choice including, bars, studies, TV Units, kitchen renovation, bedroom cupboards, etc. whilst offering you advice on the best practical use of space and placement of appliances. Irrespective of your chosen material, we can help you fulfill your dreams.

Layout and Design:- would need to be the first priority to address. A kitchen for example, needs many considerations, as you need to know what equipment is needed in your kitchen, for example if you don’t have a laundry area, you may need to make allowances for a washing machine and tumble dryer, what about a dishwasher, stove, oven, microwave, fridge, freezer, etc?

Space Allocation:- between us we would need to decide which appliance is applicable to your dream bedroom, kitchen, or study for example and effectively address working and storage space for groceries and kitchen utensils, clothes, books, etc.

Final Product & Finishing Touches:- The different types of material and which to choose, colour scheme, type of counter top marble or melamine, handles, knobs or none at all. One touch opening or soft self-closing. There are so many options.